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                        Our philosophy here at Goji Grow is to provide everyone with affordable and healthy goji berries to nourish the body with trusted home grown plants.

Our aim is to provide goji berry plants; not simply berries - ensuring your enjoyment and pleasure of fresh berries. These plentiful and easy to maintain plants, afford the satisfaction of personally growing your own healthy, nutritious and delicious snacks.  

With properties that boost your immune system by containing more vitamin C than oranges and more iron than steak; fresh goji berries can be an ideal way to help establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle.   

   Simply buying berries can be extremely expensive.

 Imports from China and the Himalayas are plagued with difficulties - ranging from pesticide over usage to quality control, many are illegal imports.


Buying plants from the Goji grow greenhouse ensures that your goji berry plant provides berries that are fresh, healthy and grown to your own exacting specifications. In comparison to the berries - growing goji plants represents an ongoing and affordable investment into health.

Growing goji berries requires minimal work and reaps huge benefits. The joy of growing goji at home can be experienced by all, grown indoors or outdoors goji plants thrive and a few bushes can provide you with enough goji berries to improve you and your families nutrition. The nutrient rich super food is an ideal way to maintain a healthy lifestyle whilst introducing necessary vitamins that often are missing in our busy and often hectic lifestyles.


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Gojigrow.com, goji berries, goji berry, goji plants, icons, chinese microsite, healthy, chinese, superfood Goji grow greenhouse

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